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Miku concerts are just amazing. Now that I am done with all my "Miku Live Reviews" and am even back from Magical Mirai 2017, Mikus 10th anniversary and probably the last event I can go to in a long time, I wanted to share the best moments they have to offer one more time.

This video includes a top 10 of both best Miku moments in a concert and in general the best live songs, alternating between each other. There is so much amazing stuff here.

Nothing from Mirai 2017 is in this video, the event just happened and the Bluray will not release before the end of the year. Also I made this video far in advance, was uploaded on May 14th haha.
Anyway, whatever happens, I will most likely make a review on Magical Mirai 2017 once that event is out.

In the meantime, watch my event report I uploaded a bit ago, I visited the event myself and look forward to another "Top 10" by the end of the month, one last time dedicated to Miku events.

Like I said it was fun talking about it and hope you guys like it...because there is more like this to come XD

Well, I just hope you enjoy the video!
Please tell me your feedback in the comments and if you do like the video, please give it a thumbs up, share with your friends and subscribe to this channel.
I love Hatsune Miku and will provide you with more videos all about her in the future.
On that note I wish you a nice day!
Kevin from 39dearMIKU
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20 Sep 2017