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How to refill and remanufacture Kyocera toner cartridges TK-17 TK-18 TK-18 TK-110 TK-20 TK-30 TK-60 TK-65 TK-50 TK-55 TK-65 TK-410 TK-120 TK-172 TK-140 TK-360 TK-160 TK-350 TK-3130 TK-310 TK-312 TK-322 TK-320 TK330 TK-332 TK-122 TK-67 TK-100 TK-352 TK-1140 and others - ACTIVATE SUBTITLES IN YOUR LANGUAGE - Things needed: - Screwdriver - Specific toner for your Kyocera cartridge - Chip (if present) For any question or suggestion leave a comment -------------------------------------------- Link Accessori srl Via Beverara 224/7 40131 BOLOGNA (Italy) email: other links: -------------------------------------------------------------------------

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18 July 2015