ASMR 30 Triggers for Sleep šŸ’¤, Relaxation and Tingles

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This ASMR video contains more than 30 triggers and is made in three part: TINGLES, RELAX, SLEEP.
The first part is "TINGLES". I tried to make some sounds that a lot of you like and for which I've been told people get tingles.
The second part is "RELAX". I tried to make some relaxing sounds. You might also get some tingles along the way cause everyone is different and feels different sensation when they hear a sound.
The last part is "SLEEP". For this last part, I tried to make some sounds that would help you fall asleep. I feel that the book pages turning is a bit strong but I hope it won't wake you up.
Please let me know if you enjoy more some triggers than some others and sure if you like this video.

Here is a rough timestamp for this video:
00:00 intro
01:04 Whispering & repeating TINGLE
02:06 Inaudible whispering
03:18 Ear to Ear Deep breathing
04:39 Face touching with inaudible whispering
05:58 Whispering & repeating SLEEP
07:00 Mic brushing
08:21 Ear to Ear blowing with a plastic bottle(Yes! I like this one :D)
09:43 Crushing the mic, a classic.
10:47 Brushing YOU. Another classic.
12:05 PART 2: RELAX
12:11 Hands & fingers rubbing
12:55 Hand tapping
13:49 Gloves Rubbing
14:59 Hand tapping with gloves
15:08 Gloves scratching
15:55 Orange tapping (I know some of you love this)
17:26 Hair tie scratching (I just learned how this is called in English)
18:53 Wooden box tapping
20:08 Wooden box scratching
20:49 Cork mat scratching
22:11 Cork mat slow tapping
23:45 Cardboard scratching
25:00 Beard sounds
26:29 Scissors sounds
27:27 PART 3: SLEEP
27:45 Hair curler nice sounds
29:02 Electronic dictionary keyboard sounds
30:11 Book pages turning and some inaudible reading
31:52 Toothbrush nice sounds
33:14 Lid Opening and closing sounds
34:24 Little wood cube gentle tapping and touching
35:41 Plastic crinkle
36:49 Sesame Oil Bottle Glass gentle Tapping (Important to say it's sesame!)
38:28 Opening & closing sesame oil cap
39:03 Slightly sticky/oily tapping on sesame oil cap
39:51 Foam touching
41:29 Good night & inaudible

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07 Jan 2018